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High Sierra Camping & Mule Packing Trips


Make camp in the John Muir Wilderness with friends, family & groups.  Let us know how you would like to spend your time in the Sierra and we can advise you on the perfect camping trip. If you are a seasoned backcountry traveler or a first-time camper, we can keep you informed of weather conditions & fishing spots for instance ~ each season the Sierra offers up something different. For more in depth, current information, contact us.

McGEE & BALDWIN CANYONS range 5-8 miles

HILTON LAKES BASIN range 6-9 miles

CONVICT BASIN range 4-6 miles

FISH CREEK BASIN range 13-16 miles

East Side Access


Colorful McGee Canyon – known for jaw-dropping geological color, unequaled displays of wildflowers in season, and stunning fall colors. Dozens of campsites along creeks, meadows and numerous lakes.

Baldwin Canyon is known for its history, stunning metamorphic rock and privacy

This area is full of lakes, streams and color, day hiking options abound, stunning summits and peaks to climb and explore.

Along McGee Creek: a stretch of stream from 4 – 8miles into the John Muir Wilderness offering campsites in various terrain and opportunity for either campfires, base camping, day hikes or photography. Stunning campsites near Martins Meadow offer unmatched views of the Sierra Crest.

  • Round & Grass Lakes – Small ‘off the track’ lakes ideal for families, centrally located for numerous day hikes. Good jump off points for Meadow, Gold & Crocker lakes.

  • Steelhead Lake – Steel blue lake fed by glacial melt, dramatic granite peaks and spires rise behind this secluded lake. Good fishing and perfect base camp.

  • Big McGee Lake – Large lake offering campsites in numerous locations for base camp, lake fishing, summitting Red Slate Mountain or Hopkins Pass.

RANGE: 5 – 8 miles

▪ Packer (incl. Horse) $275.00 each
▪ Riding Horses or Mules $150.00 each
▪ Pack Mules $150.00 each

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Ten Lakes known for fabulous fishing, easy access and excellent campsites along the first four. 

Ride in from McGee Creek or hike via Hilton Lakes trailhead or Rock Creek trailhead.

Davis Lake is a large lake with excellent fishing and boundless exploring.

Hilton Lake #2 with lakeside access and day hiking options to lakes further up the stringer of ten lakes.

Hilton Lakes #3, 4 & 5 are alpine lakes along the creek with short hikes and good fishing. Spend the day lakeside and viewing the mountains.

RANGE: 6 – 9 miles

▪ Packer (incl. Horse) $275.00 each
▪ Riding Horses or Mules $150.00 each
▪ Pack Mules $150.00 each

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Pack Stock access via Laurel Pass, Convict inspires fishermen, artists and hikers with stunning Sierra Crest backdrops rising dramatically out of the sparkling blue lakes. 

Hikers can access via Convict Canyon trail or via four-wheel-drive to Laurel Pass trailhead. First access and best camping at Genevieve, Edith and Cloverleaf lakes. Stunning lakes with fabulous fishing for Golden, Brook and Rainbow Trout. Day hikes include options to Dorothy, Mildred, Constance and Bright Dot. High & wild, don’t miss the classic old west stories and history of Convict Canyon.

RANGE: (From Trailhead reached by 4WD) 4 – 6 miles

▪ Packer (incl. Horse) $400.00 each
▪ Riding Horses or Mules $175.00 each
▪ Pack Mules $175.00 each

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Remote, wild alpine country. Access to the seven lakes of the Upper Basin with fishing for large Golden, Rainbow and Brook Trout. Idyllic fly fishing in the streams of Horse Heaven and Tully Hole.

Upper Fish Creek, known for fly fishing with every variety of stream terrain. Not to miss Horse Heaven and Tully Hole, the seven lakes of the upper basin offer stunning day hikes, incredible views of the the Sierra Crest and the Izaak Walton Range. Lakes include:

  • Hortense Lake – catch a 4 lb Brook trout at 10,000’!

  • Izaak Walton Lake – one of the few remaining high country lakes with pure Golden trout.

  • Tully Lake – a pocket lake where you can spend the day fishing or idling. Glorious scenery.

  • Lee & Cecil Lakes – fabulous Rainbow fishery, backed up by Red Slate Mountain, the highest in the Mammoth Lakes region.

Range: 13 – 16 miles

▪ Packer (incl. Horse) $475.00 each
▪ Riding Horses or Mules $250.00 each
▪ Pack Mules $250.00 each

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Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park

Eastside access provides pack stock support to the many remote areas of these dramatic National Parks. Sequoia-Kings Canyon is a testament to size, beauty & diversity – huge mountains, deep canyons, vast plateaus and giant trees. 

McGee Creek Pack Station is an authorized provider of Commercial Services in Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park.

McGee creek pack station provides eastside pct resupply and eastside jmt resupply

Hiker Support and resupply for pct & jmt

We provide pack stock support to guided hikers, thru trail hikers of the John Muir Trail (JMT) and Pacific Crest Trail, (PCT). Continuous hire, multi-day trips can be arranged. As well, re-supplies for PCT & JMT hikers are available.

Mt. Whitney pack mule support

One of only 4 providers of service to the Mt. Whitney Management area, McGee Creek Pack Station has the expertise to transport your gear along the backside of Mt. Whitney leaving Horseshoe Meadows. For transport of re-supplies for thru hikers via other Eastside trailheads, it is best to join together with other hikers so as to share cost.

Contact us for pricing, dates and organizing service.


our trusty mules packing into sequoia-kings canyon parks

A 25% deposit is required for all Pack Trips. Deposits are non-refundable but can be applied to a new trip within the same season. A $100 non-refundable office fee applies as well as non-refundable USFS Wilderness Permit fee.