Wounded Warriors


Every year, Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra hosts “Operation High Altitude”, a weeklong event to host Wounded Warriors and their families in all sorts of outdoor mountain activities. For several years we provided horse and muleback rides for these combat veterans which gained us the opportunity to see first hand the challenges faced by these men and women who “offered up their full measure” on behalf of all Americans.

To say that this program is inspiring is an understatement. I also know for a fact how an animal, or in our case, an equine can impact a life with positive results. I’ve seen it before, but never quite to the extent, up close & personal, that I did with these events. 

When Warriors with wounds interact with a horse or mule, a bond or deep connection, heals in a way I doubt therapy or medicine ever could. It is unexplainable to those who don’t know it, unmistakable to those who have lived it or to those of us who have lived life with an equine savior. It is nothing short of a privilege to witness.

To those who serve, May God Bless and may you have our eternal thanks and gratitude.