fall colors

McGee Canyon is known for its fall colors being some of the most spectacular in the Eastern Sierra. With a trailhead located a bit lower than most in the area, we get a transition of colors starting with the Quaking Aspen at 9000’ down to the Cottonwood and Rabbit brush at 7500’.  Prime time ranges from mid-September to mid-October.


Also known for breathtaking displays of wildflowers, McGee is the place to be in June, July and even August (for higher elevations including Upper Fish Creek). What better way to see the magnificent flower displays backed up with expansive scenic views of surrounding mountains than in the saddle?


Many universities focus their field trips in McGee Canyon. Unique striated rock, metamorphic red rock jumbled with granite, creates one of the most breathtaking displays of geology in the area. Both McGee and Convict basin’s offer color and geologic views that will thrill not just geologists but admirers of stunning rock formation. Mt. Baldwin, Mt. Morrison and the Sierra Crest provide the centerpieces of this majesty. Fault-lines, springs, and unique formations await travelers. 


McGee, Hilton, Convict and Upper Fish Creek offer a variety of Rainbow, Brook and Golden Trout. 3 – 4 lbs Brook trout are not uncommon in little-visited Hortense Lake. Pure Golden Trout in Izaak Walton or Cloverleaf Lakes, fun fishing for children in Round Lake, or stream-fishing in Fish Creek that challenges the most versatile fly-fisherman – it’s all here.