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Riding in the Alabama Hills

TAP TO read more about our alabama hills horseback rides

TAP TO read more about our alabama hills horseback rides


A ‘must do’ when in the area near Mt. Whitney and Lone Pine is a spectacular horseback or mule ride in the Alabama Hills at the foot of the majestic High Sierra!

Ride and see the legendary movie locations of Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Hopalong Cassidy, Robert Downey Jr, Mel Gibson and more! 

You’ll see: the rock where Gene Autry and his horse Champion stood; the rocks where Hoppy and his sidekick, California hid from a band of renegades; where “How the West was Won” captured the grand and sweeping landscapes of the west; the stage stop in “Rawhide” or where Gene watered his mules in “Mule Train”. 


riders exploring the Amazing geology in the Alabama Hills

Riding a gentle horse or mule through the Hills offers captivating scenery. Movie history and gentle fall colors roll into sweeping vistas backed by the snow capped Sierra in winter. Spring brings delicate wildflowers and warm rock formations that transport you to a different time. 

Rides are private, based on availability, reservation only for any size group. Reservations are typically necessary at least 3 days in advance. Rides are available from October (starting with the Lone Pine Film Festival) through April. Generally our ‘off-season’ from the Pack Station! 

Here’s how it works: Call for reservations. Once reserved, on the ride date we trailer our horses and mules from our 8 Mile Ranch to meet you at the specified trailhead in the Alabama Hills. We’ll have a lovely 2 – 3 hour ride, stopping as often as necessary for photos! Once finished, we’ll end back at the trailhead where your car is parked. 

Rates are based on the number of riders in your group. Call or email for specifics. 

Call our winter number: 760-878-2207 or 800-854-7407 for information, or email: 

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